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Learning about the Life Languages has helped me both professionally and personally.  Understanding why certain situations are particularly difficult or stressful for my particular Language profile has helped take some of the emotional energy out of those situations, which in turn has enabled me to approach them more pragmatically.

Understanding others within my team has also given me insights into how best to give space for them to flourish.  So rather than reacting to the differences, I can respond in ways which are more constructive.

It has also really helped me understand why certain tasks are more draining and why I avoid some altogether!  Understanding this has enabled me to focus my energies on those tasks, when required, and then balance them with activities which feed my stronger languages.


The pandemic has stretched and challenged everyone in different and sometimes unexpected ways.  The Life Languages have been a useful tool through which to understand some of that more clearly.  And using that knowledge, we’ve been able to put in place spaces where folks can process some of that and recover.

Andrew is a fantastic facilitator of the Life Languages.  He has a very thorough grasp of the tool itself and is able to convey that knowledge in ways which really bring it to life.  The sessions with Andrew were both lots of fun and very helpful.

Katherine Burnett, Finance Director – St Mungo's Church

I found Life Languages™ accessible and illuminating, gaining insight into my own natural preference for communication and greater understanding of those around me... It is an uplifting, as well as practical, experience!

Nikki – Edinburgh

Completing our Life Languages™ profiles provided a really interesting insight into our personality types. Andrew certainly knows his stuff and did an excellent job of unpacking our results and making them relevant to our personal circumstances - 5 stars.

Graeme & Alison – Edinburgh

Life Languages™ immediately appealed to me as a team and leadership development resource. The accessible, practical language made it safe and easy for the entire staff team to understand and relate to. This led to great conversations – authentic and supportive – and realistic action plans. We also appreciated the correlation with our beliefs and values. This further enhanced the relevance and credibility of the tool. 

Andrew Quinn is an eloquent, engaging and empathic coach and facilitator, adept at creating the kind of learning environment where everyone can participate and grow. Andrew really knows his stuff and it shows in the way he adjusts the core content to meet the needs of his audience.

Derek Thomson, Director – Sonus Leadership

Andrew gives a really clear explanation of Life Languages™, with relevant examples. I have found Life Languages™ one of the best tools for helping me think about how I hear what others are saying to me and how they will hear what I'm saying to them.

Eric Adair, Edinburgh

I did my profile along with my wife and it was very helpful to reflect on the different aspects of our communications and to look at our various strengths and “communication languages” that we most regularly use. It was helpful to get detailed written feedback of our main ones. We also had a zoom call with Andrew to look at both our profiles together and talk through them more fully and allowed us to get a better understanding of them. I would completely recommend anyone taking their profile and Andrew as someone who will help you understand it fully.

Douglas Smith, Kirkliston

For several years working as part of a team I never felt that those I was leading really understood me; I’d share thoughts and ideas and they would seem to land either like a brick to the face or fall into awkward silence. Life Languages™ helped me and the team to see why – we were speaking completely different languages. Gaining an insight into how each of the team communicates was invaluable as it allowed me to know how I needed to frame my thoughts and ideas to allow the team to hear and understand my heart as I shared new ideas and plans.


Having the Life Languages™ framework also allowed us to confront the miscommunications in an open, honest and non-threatening way. Life Languages™ has changed how we work and how we communicate as a staff team and helped to develop a healthy culture around how we communicate. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

David Lyons, Assistant Minister – St Mungo's Church

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