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life languages™ for you

Your journey into greater understanding and self-awareness starts with a profile! Complete the questionnaire, and you will receive your personalised profile showing the order of your Life Languages™ – from the strongest to the weakest.


Discovering your Life Languages™ profile gives you the permission, and tools, to be who you were made to be. And also – by identifying your natural strengths and weaknesses in communication – it will bring you a vital understanding of when you need to pull up your weaker languages, and how you can do that.

Knowing how you're wired brings a surprising amount of freedom, as you learn what drives you (and what doesn't), the aspects of communication that you're a natural at, and those you still need to work on.

This kind of knowledge is gold dust for anyone, but leaders in particular. If you're a leader and would like greater self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses in leadership, Life Languages™ can help with that. Click here for more info.

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