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life languages™ for leaders

Self-awareness is critical in leadership. In fact, I think it's the single biggest thing that helps people move from being an average leader to being a good leader.


Having an accurate knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses, your natural communication style and how that plays in leadership, and also the needs of your team, gifts you a freedom that is much sought after, and surprisingly easy to attain.

Too many try to imitate – and lead in the style of – leaders they admire, which is all well and good if you've a similar make-up to them...but it's more likely you don't, which means you'll fall short of your own ideals, leading to frustration, self-criticism...and ultimately ineffective leadership.

Life Languages™ can put an end to all that, and help you make the step from being an average leader to a great leader, simply by knowing yourself better.

Get started with a profile, and then book Andrew for some 1:1 coaching to unpack what it all means for YOU as a leader.

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