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Life Languages™ is a communication tool created by Fred & Anna Kendall in 1985, which has brought insight and understanding to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

The Life Languages™ are Mover™, Doer™, Influencer™, Responder™, Shaper™, Producer™ & Contemplator™, and we all speak all seven languages in our communication – whether that be through words or actions.

Understanding the various preferences and needs of the different languages can shed light on miscommunication and misunderstandings in your team, your workplace, organisation, and your personal relationships, and give you the skills to deal with them on an ongoing basis, restoring harmony and defusing difficult relational dynamics. 

When you take your profile, you will receive a comprehensive report, which will explain which of the languages come most naturally to you, and which require more energy for you to ‘speak’. 

Included in this report will be information on how you like to process incoming and outgoing communication – in which order do you act, feel and think? ​

Reading this report will – just by itself – bring insight and understanding into your own communication preferences. But once you've taken your profile, consider gaining even deeper insights and understanding with a Foundations Seminar, a 1:1 profile-unpacking session (or series of sessions) with Andrew.

Life Languages™ has proved to be an invaluable tool for so many people in understanding themselves better – and when we understand ourselves better, we understand others better too – which transforms our ability to hear and understand, and be heard and understood!

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