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Life Languages™ can help with that.

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Hi. I'm Andrew, owner of aq communications, and I use Life Languages™ to help people communicate more effectively, improving relationships at home and in the workplace.

If you have any kind of a problem in communication, Life Languages™ can help with that!

More about aq communications...

life languages™

Your Life Languages™ profile gives you a snapshot of your preferred communication style, which brings enormous insight into how you think, how you behave—in short—how you’re wired.

  • Do you communicate first through doing, feeling or thinking?

  • What do you need from others in family and working relationships?

  • What is the passion that drives you?

  • What are the things that are guaranteed to wind you up the wrong way?

The Life Languages™ profile provides extraordinary insight into these, and more.


Much more.

It provides a framework to understand yourself better, and those around you.



"Life Languages™ helped me understand people who – for my whole life – I had mistrusted and misunderstood...because they thought so differently to me"

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